YouTube Account Creation Forces Gmail Account On Users (Unless You're Sneaky!)

Your student email account is activated automatically when you create your MIDAS account. Today, Google is expanding its basic search to include Gmail, at least for a small number of "field trial" users. The challenge, Google says, was just as difficult as launching it on the web. The Gmail "corpus" was as large as the web corpus, but also had to be private and secure. Gmail results, like Knowledge Graph results, will appear in a small box on the righthand side. The content won't be shown by default (in case anybody's looking over your shoulder), but you can click "show results" to see more.

5. Connecting your Facebook account will require permissions to access your account, click allow and your Facebook feed will be loaded inside Gmail's main body. If you aren't happy with permitting access to your account, it might be worth staying away from this widget or monitoring the application if you do use it.

YouTube Account Creation Forces Gmail Account On Users (Unless You're Sneaky!)

I'm glad the instructions helped you. Unfortunately I can't advise on the other inner workings” of gmail other than to suggest that your profile picture is connected to your Google account, and so if you an email address that is not your Google account then the profile picture would not be connected. This is exactly what you are experiencing, but I doubt there is a way to alter that behaviour.

When you setup a Gmail account you will also be asked to supply a non Gmail address which can be used if you ever forget your Gmail password or want to reset it because of suspected hacking. You will also have the option of entering a mobile phone number for the same purpose, and in some cases Google requires a verification code sent to a mobile phone on account creation.

Though Gmail became the standard address with the launch of Gmail in beta in April 2004, UK users who signed up after 19 October 2005 were saddled with the longer address after a legal spat between Google and a UK-based firm. Independent International Investment Research had been using the name 'Gmail' for its own webmail application two years before Google.


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